New Life Recovery Services

New Life Recovery Services

Our Mission

Located in the structure known as The Lord's Gym, in the center of Rose Village, off of Fourth Plain, our areas of expertise are temporary housing, peer support, FCS, and outpatient treatment services. We wrap around a person to establish a self-determined and guided method to reduce damage in use, lead to abstinence, and arrive at long-term recovery through community participation. Each case is evaluated according to individual obstacles, involvement level, and motivational style. Research-based therapies are also used to address certain Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual components of addiction. Our goal is to help people stabilize their drug-free recovery, manage their mental health symptoms, obtain gainful employment, create supportive networks, and transition into long-term permanent housing by offering programming techniques as needed.

Please call us to sponsor a resident, volunteer, or if you are seeking services at 360-729-7037.

Our History

Dave and Renee White formed New Life Friends Church (NLFC) in September 1999 as a mission center in the Rose Village district of Vancouver, Washington. The goal was to instill inspiration and hope in Vancouver's poorest and most populated district. One of the main participants in the men's bible study at New Life Friends Church passed away from an overdose. The necessity to establish a rehabilitation center in the center of Rose Village sprang from this. With a capacity of 14, The Rock for men opened its doors in 2001, and The Samaritan House for women opened its doors in 2003, with a capacity of 6.  The purpose of NLFC has transformed a lot of lives, and it will continue to do so for a lot longer. This background led to the creation of the non-profit 501c3 organization New Life Recovery Services, whose behavioral health agency opened in 2023. Emblematic with the motto "We keep what we have by giving it away and how can we do more?" the organization was founded by peers who were directly impacted.

Our Collaboration

As a result of the numerous connections made within the community for recovery, Clark County is now among the top drug and alcohol recovery communities in the country. In one way or another, we work with numerous community partner agencies, and we continue to expand our network every day. We think that providing services that are tailored to each individual increases their chances of success in the ways that are beneficial for themselves and those around them. We also think that preventing someone from receiving these services constitutes discrimination. Positive results for our service consumers have increased as a result of these partnerships. If we are unable to assist with something outside of our area of expertise, we will warm handoff to another provider. Additionally, we are purposefully constructing our agency because of those findings and intentionally figuring out how we can provide those resources to our community, to provide a more holistic approach.

Our Team

The members of our team are drawn from a peer-driven model consisting of highly motivated individuals with comparable backgrounds in service providing, as well as those who voluntarily choose to participate in the range of services provided to customers. They employ best practices derived from research with strong empirical support to provide these services with kindness, understanding, support, and purpose.