New Life Recovery Services

New Life Recovery Services

Collaborative Client Centered Services

Substance addiction is difficult to overcome with willpower alone. We look at the numerous aspects of use, such as self-medication, trauma responses, etc., and our goals are to assist clients in identifying their triggers, relapse chain, getting ready for the future, and creating a recovery plan that works for them. We improve each consumer's recovery capital to utilize in their recovery process through research-based therapies, self-centered planning in conjunction with therapeutic collaboration, and education aimed at strengthening community support.

Community Supports

We think that having a support system to turn to when things become tough is a natural outcome of a customer creating their own recovery supports. Their chances of recovering and achieving long-term success are increased by this. In order to encourage the person to gradually participate in the recovery process, in cooperation with the consumers, peer counselors, clinicians, and staff use Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, and Peer Concepts.

Consumer-based Interventions

Interventions are customized for every single customer. To work together to create a service plan that is appropriate for each individual, we begin with the evaluation, intake, and consent for services. This guarantees that services be rendered when and as needed, as decided by the individual. When there are outside motivators, like the court system, child protective services, etc., we will design a workable strategy to work around them so that, depending on each consumer's degree of engagement, they are satisfied. A large number of the personnel working on your recovery have some level of experience interacting with these systems. As you work toward a sustained recovery, you won't be working in isolation.