Only God Boxing

Only God Boxing is a youth boxing program built around a community first mentality, which is essential to setting fitness and self-improvement goals. We facilitate our after-school youth boxing program on the fourth plain corridor on the west side of Vancouver. We provide a safe and productive boxing program for underserved, at-risk, and enthusiastic youth in our community.  Without a community behind you, you are much less likely to achieve these types of goals you set for yourself.

Why youth boxing?

A youth boxing program can offer a legitimate outlet for aggression. We take the approach of meeting the youth “where they are” in our community. That special grit and self-reliance you get from boxing benefits the individual who decides to engage in our boxing program. We not only offer physical exercise which promotes positive physical health, but we also encourage positive mental health improvements for the individual who engages in our program. Only God Boxing incorporates therapeutic circles right after each training session concludes to discuss as a group the pros and cons the youth experienced during the session – our staff then constructively finds a solution to combat the negative experiences they endured during the training session.

Only God Boxing is a non-exclusionary program which offers a positive outlet for physical and mental health, provides a youth boxing program (that does not put a financial strain on its members), and always encourages parents of our youth members to participate with their children in the building. Join our boxing family to be a part of a truly well-rounded boxing experience!

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